Home Service – Individual Property Management Services in Alanya

This package is available to clients who already have a property team looking after their premises. With this package we provide:

  • Visit, check, and air your property on a fortnightly basis
  • Report any defects or repairs to the owner
  • Monitor the progress on the work you might have on your premises
  • Utility Payment Scheme means that we undertake to pay all your utility bills punctually on your behalf. To pay the utility bills on behalf of the owner in time sufficient funds provided in advance. To inform the owner in case of insufficient funds. (*)
  • 24/7 dedicated helpdesk to answer any queries you may have
  • To assist the property owner and his guests’ requests where possible.
  • Renovation and other repair services.
  • To prepare the property for the arrival of the owner or his guests subject to receiving the arrival details such as airing, turning on supplies etc. (cleaning etc. would incur additional charges).

The cost for this package is paid annually.

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